IAT Films Membership Program

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IAT Films Membership Program

The Interdependence, Advancement, and Transcendence (IAT) Films is seeking to recruit members to participate in programs and activities that promote the goals and objectives of IAT Films in Uganda and Beyond.

We look forward to recruiting 350 personnel to participate in directing and cinematography, Acting, Writing and screenplays, producing films, and editing films for our clients’ needs. IAT Film as a Thirdsan Enterprises Division for Marketing Film Production Services which include TV commercials, Corporate Films, Audio-Visuals, and Walk-Throughs.  The term for the Membership program is 1 year, with renewal at the discretion of the Program Committee. All Projects under IAT Films are secured by Thirdsan Enterprises for its clients.

Members will have the following OBLIGATIONS:

  • Participation in IAT Film Projects, meetings, events, conferences, and/or seminars to promote the IAT Films goals and objectives.
  • Provide at least 1 original piece of their Art per quarter of your category role carried out on behalf of IAT Films for possible publication in the IAT Front Content or IAT Quarterly Newsletter, at IAT’s discretion. (Yearly quarters begin in January, April, July, and October)
  • Identify and work with IAT on project initiatives – at least one per Quarter Year.
  • Strictly follow the IAT Films Code of Ethics
  • Provide Personal research regarding innovations in the industry. Reporting is to be completed in English following the template provided.
  • Become and remain a member in good standing (Details on Membership Form)

Members will have the following BENEFITS:

  • Getting Remunerated for all Participation in IAT Film Projects(Details to be given in the Contracts)
  • Get a Membership Card hence Participating in all related programming and events as available
  • Mentoring opportunities.
  • Opportunities for collaboration and networking amongst other Members, IAT Films’ Partners, and clients.
  • Opportunities to showcase individual innovation in the industry henceforward being promoted

If you are interested in Becoming a Member; Contact us

HANLON ROAD | DK – CITY PLAZA TEL: 0200991234 / 0759123345 |iat.films@thirdsan.com |


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